We’re Creepy and we’re kooky…

We’re all together ooky… The Lewis Family!

You rang?

So, you may be wondering… hell, I don’t know what you’re wondering!  But, yes we are kooky!  Life behind the walls of the Lewis family home has many hidden doors, booby traps, flesh eating plants, and an Uncle Fester like step-father.

My child, Patronizingly(can’t call him Pugsley, he isn’t chubby), but he is a maniacal, dastardly, imp, who is indeed also patronizing.  You can never tell if he is going to light the house on fire… he’s already tried burning down the dock.  Thank goodness for neighbors.

It’s a shame we don’t also have a dungeon in the basement.  Don’t worry, you will get many more stories of my son’s dastardly deeds… which you will then agree, I need a dungeon in the basement.  Maybe also a hand in a box… that would really make my life so much easier, seeing as I have one that doesn’t work very well.  Now that I think of it, neither does my son.  Haha!

However, being the matriarch and Morticia of my world… I do have the powers of snark and the dark side on my side. At any moment I may call upon my flying monkeys and dispatch of any troublesome behavior.  I may not have a dungeon, but I have rope and flying monkeys!


2 responses to “We’re Creepy and we’re kooky…

  1. hahaha Im loving this your posts like this are great loving all your snarky views of raising Ant, cant wait to hear more PS: wasnt sure if i could call him Ant, give me the word and ill go back to Anthony #understandspetnames

    • Great! I’m glad you’re loving this! I’m still in the developmental stage. But, once I get rolling… you’ll really get a kick out of it! And yes, it’s Ant… my dastardly little imp;-)

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