The Face that Launched a Thousand Grey Hairs….


This is the same face I’ve seen since he was 3 years old.   People say that when your kids grow up and go off to college, you are then faced with the challenge of learning how to deal with your baby being, “All grown up”.  The empty nest syndrome.  Ha!

I’m here to tell you… it’s propaganda!!!  Not true, not true in the least.  They never “fly” away.  My son came over last week, he wanted some money for “groceries”.  Umm humm… Anyway, I told him that he had been given his allowance for the month and that it was his responsibility to budget those funds.  I launched into the financial responsibility lecture(that I have repeated at least 150 times).  I promptly received the upper left look.  When he whined, “But mom, stuff is more expensive than I thought.  I don’t get enough money for the month.”  I told him, “Sorry kid, things are tough all over.  Hey, is that a new shirt?”  Next thing I know… we have the bottom right picture.  To which I responded, “Last time I went to the bathroom… it was funny, no money came out!  Rub a lamp child, you aren’t gettin’ any money!!”

So my friends… 19 months or 19 years, these faces never change.  Get used to them.  All I need to do is put facial hair and tattoos on these, and there you have it, the perpetual tantrum face.

Come on… be honest, you gave your mom this face at least once this year too!

This is why Clairol invented hair color for grey hair, and they sell the hell out of it!


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